Hero cop says school banned legal marijuana oil cure for his daughter’s 100 daily epileptic fits

THE SUN UK | By Jane Atinkson

HERO cop Chris Conrad has faced many dangers but his biggest challenge was finding a cure for his daughter’s 100 daily epileptic fits. He has finally succeeded after a 13-year search — with Lucy, 15, seizure-free thanks to medicinal cannabis oil.

But despite the oil, known as CBD, being legal to buy and take, she is banned from taking it at her specialist school as hers is unlicensed and not on prescription. Mum Debbie, 56, has given up work as a police station enquiry officer to give her a tiny drop of the oil on her tongue every two hours — away from school property.

Former Army officer Chris, 46, said: “Before Lucy took CBD she barely had a life. She could have died from any of her seizures.


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